Thursday, March 8, 2018

TCM Guest Programmer March 2018: Drew Scott

With 31 Days of Oscar over, it's time for TCM to get back to its regular features, among which is the monthly Guest Programmer. This month, it's Drew Scott who hosts the program Property Brothers on HGTV together with his brother Jonathan. (It may have been "hosted"; I don't watch HGTV. My mom watched that crap religiously.) Anyhow, Scott selected four of his favorite films and sat down with Ben Mankiewicz to discuss those movies. Those intros will be on tonight.

First up at 8:00 PM is High Noon, in which Gary Cooper tries to get a bunch of unwilling townspeople to stand up against a couple of bad guys;
Then, at 9:45 PM, there's To Kill a Mockingbird, starring Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch, defending a black man on a rape charge in 1930s Alabama;
At 12:15 AM you can catch Poltergeist, about spirits coming through a suburban family's TV and kidnapping their little girl; and
Last but not least at 12:30 AM it's Close Encounters of the Third Kind, a story about a bunch of people who have to make their way to Devil's Tower in Wyoming but don't quite understand why.

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Anonymous said...

I just watched Ben Mankiewicz and Drew Scott as guest programmer on TCM. I cannot get passed how tremendously huge Drew Scott's feet are please don't show them on the camera for the next movie!