Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Way Back Home heads-up

About three months ago in the Thursday Movie Picks on small towns, I used the movie Way Back Home. I don't know if the TCM schedule for March had come out yet, but it's on the schedule for tomorrow afternoon (March 8) at 2:00 PM.

The one-paragraph synopsis that I wrote three months ago holds. It's an interesting period piece, but not anything particularly great, about a country guy (Phillips Lord) and the people in his rural Maine community. Lord had created the character on radio, and I wonder whether the material works better on radio. That, and whether the material worked better back in the day. I don't quite know that I'd call Lord's character irritating, but the down-home folksy charm is at times turned up a bit much.

The movie is also interesting to watch for a very young Bette Davis, before she was a contract player at Warner Bros. Already at this young age she shows her ability.

Way Back Home isn't on DVD, so you're going to have to catch the rare TCM showing.

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