Sunday, March 25, 2018

Briefs for March 25, 2018

Somebody at a non-movie site decided to post their list of the "top 10" westerns ever made, although the page also includes ten honorable mentions. The site is one that normally deals with ideology and politics, so there's some of that in the comments, but the list itself is presented in a pretty apolitical way. As for the movies, well, they're a good primer for anybody who has no knowledge of the old westerns, although the list unsurprisingly leans on the big, well-known titles. Not even anything as "lesser-known" as Ride the High Country on the list.

There was a fire a few days back on the set of a movie filming on location in Harlem that killed a firefighter. As far as I can tell, the film itself didn't involve fire, and the fire breaking out there was just a coincidence. Fire is probably an even more unpredictable thing to work with in the movies than water, and I don't think I'd want to do it if I could avoid it.

Somebody posted on the TCM boards that Bonhams is going to be auctioning off Robert Osborne's movie memorabilia in June. There's nothing yet on TCM's sub-site that they use for all the Bonhams auctions they promote, but there is a small mention on Bonhams own site. No catalog published yet, and only a couple of items listed, although I'd assume there's a lot more coming. No idea of that book Robert showed off in his Private Screenings interview with Alec Baldwin will be in the auction.

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