Sunday, March 4, 2018

TCM notes, March 4-5 2018

So Dave Karger is going to become a permanent host on TCM. The article suggests that Ben Mankiewicz will be doing prime time from Thursday through Sunday, and doesn't exactly say that Karger will be doing the other three nights, because they also mention Alicia Malone from Filmstruck. It was already known that Malone would be taking over Saturday afternoons from Tiffany Vazquez. The article doesn't say how much she'll be in prime time, suggesting that the two will "rotate". Vazquez is off the air, but apparently going to be doing other social media stuff for TCM.

I was looking forward to Million Dollar Legs on TCM this morning, but when I went to set the DVR last night, it wasn't on the schedule! Instead, in the 6:30 AM timeslot where Million Dollar Legs was supposed to air, they had Too Many Highballs. Sadly, it turns out that the listings service for the box guide screwed up. Too Many Highballs is a two-reeler that was always on the TCM schedule, after Million Dollar Legs, which in fact ran in the scheduled time slot. (You can't miss star W.C. Fields.) At any rate, at least Million Dollar Legs is on a cheap DVD box set.

Noir Alley returns today in its usual time slot. Tomorrow morning and afternoon there's a birthday salute to actor Dean Stockwell, who will be turning 82 on Monday.

Oh, and for anybody who cares, the Academy Awards will be given away tonight.

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