Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Peyton Place premiere

Not having anything to write about today, and not yet having looked at the obituaries to see if there's any famous person I need to mention, I decided to put in the extras from Peyton Place. I picked up the movie as part of a box set with three other Fox classics, mentioning it some time back when I talked about extras on another disk. The other bad news about the Peyton Place disk is that, due to the length of the movie, the feature is on one side and the extras on the other.

Anyhow, as with Leave Her to Heaven, there's a Fox Movietone News blurb about the premiere of the movie and the people who showed up to it:

One couple is Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood, who were by this time a couple. I'm not certain if Wood was under contract to Fox at this time, but she gets mentioned before Wagner, probably because of her looks and fame. I would have thought Wagner was still under contract at Fox, and the Fox people would want to mention their contract player first. But then, there's:

Don Murray and Hope Lange. This time, they mentioned Murray first. I think he was under contract to Fox at the time, and this would have been right around the time of A Hatful of Rain, another Fox feature. However, Lange is one of the stars of Peyton Place! Surely she deserves a mention first!

Ah, the life of a promoter.

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