Monday, April 15, 2019

Random notes for April 15-16, 2019

Another of the special programming features on TCM this month thanks to the 25th anniversary is the 25 fan dedications. TCM selected 25 fans to present one film each with Ben Mankiewicz, and those presentations are going to be in prime time every weeknight for the next two weeks, so either two or three each night, I'm assuming depending on the length of the movies. Tonight is the first night.

A couple of movies worth mentioning are coming up on FXM Retro. First, at 6:00 AM tomorrow, is White Witch Doctor, which I blogged about almost exactly five years ago. Somehow when I blogged about it, I missed the Fox MOD disc of it, which is available on Amazon. I blogged about Rapture more recently, and that's going to be on FXM tomorrow afternoon at 1:15 PM.

When I was looking on Amazon today to see if White Witch Doctor had been released to DVD, one of the Amazon recommendations was this 9-film noir collection, which is going to be released next Tuesday. Looks interesting, and some of the films on it I haven't seen before.

I should also mention the death of Bibi Andersson, the Swedish actress who appeared in a bunch of Ingmar Bergman films, but also in some Hollywood productions. I've got the last of the Airport movies on DVD, and Andersson is in that one, so I should probably get around to watching that one.

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