Thursday, June 28, 2012

Foreign sci-fi

I probably should have posted last night, but TCM's schedule for this morning and afternoon is a bunch of 1960s sci-fi movies made outside the US; some of them were made in the UK and others in countries where English isn't the first language, but they got some Z-list US actors and some domestic actors dubbed into English to make up the cast. Two of them I recommended back in the summer of 2010: War of the Planets at 12:30 PM, followed by The Wild, Wild Planet at 2:15 PM. Thankfully, the lateness of this post doesn't have to prevent you fro missing these two, since they're on DVD. They ought to be part of a box set, since there was a four-film series that came out of Italy of which these two are a part, but they only seem to be available for individual purchase. I'm also getting a kick out of what TCM says I might also enjoy: Fox's mid-1960s adaptation of The Bible.

One movie I recommended before which doesn't seem to be on DVD is Five Million Years to Earth, which is also known as Quatermass and the Pit; that's airing at 4:00 PM.

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