Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The immigrant experience

I haven't been watching that much TCM lately. Has TCM been running promos for their "Immigrant Experience" series that is one of this month's spotlights? Every Wednesday night in June, TCM will be showing movies highlighting the experiences of people either trying to get to America, or their lives once they get here. The whole shebang kicks off tonight at 8:00 PM with America, America, which is director Elia Kazan's three-hour look at his own family's experience, or at least a dramatization of that experience.

Come to think of it, I also haven't seen any mention of this month's Star of the Month substitute, which will be a look at teen idols every Thursday night in prime time. The times I have had TCM on, I've seen promos four the box set of Joel McCrea westerns, which makes me wonder what movie TCM was getting the rights to from Universal that has been making htem run this promo so many times.

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