Friday, June 22, 2012


I have to admit that there's a lot about shorts that I'm woefully deficient in my knowledge of. To be a bit fair to myself, however, I should point out that the TCM schedule page (which I believe relies on the AFI database for its synopses) has little to no information on many of the shorts that show up in the schedule.

A case in point is Yamekraw, which is airing a little after 7:45 PM tonight. Even the IMDb doesn't have anything for a "plot". Never mind whether or not there's an actual plot. Even a Traveltalks short like Around the World in California has a "plot" listing stating it's an entry in the Traveltalks series. According to the two IMDb reviews, however, Yamekraw is an all-black musical short from Vitaphone about a man leaving his rural village for the big city. They also claim it's told in a visually interesting style.

I had never heard of Yamekraw before seeing it show up on the schedule for today, so I can't say anything more about it. But it certainly sounds interesting.

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