Thursday, June 28, 2012

More fun with movie trailers

Yesterday evening, TCM showed the trailer for what's going to be this week's selection for Essentials Jr.: Lassie Come Home, Sunday at 8:00 PM. If you haven't seen the trailer, TCM have rather helpfully placed it in their Media Room and allowed people to embed it.

I like how MGM get some plugs in for some of their recent product when they mention that Mrs. Miniver has been turned into movies. More fun is the refeence to movies about to be released by MGM: if IMDb is accurate Madame Curie had its national release two months after Lassie Come Home (February 1944 vs. December 1943), while The White Cliffs of Dover would have been in production at the time, I believe. (Normally, the TCM database has good information on the dates of production, but that's not mentioned for The White Cliffs of Dover, which got its New York premiere in May 1944.)

One other interesting thing is the way MGM promoted Roddy McDowall, by mentioning his appearances in How Green Was My Valley and My Friend Flicka. Both of those movies were made at Fox, so why would MGM want to promote them? Then again, they both would have been out of the theaters for quite some time.

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