Monday, June 4, 2012

The MOD squad

I'm not certain how long it's been since the Time/Warner conglomerate started the Warner Archive Collection and its "manufacture-on-demand" (hence the MOD in the title) process. Thankfully it's been a success, as we can see by other studios having started their own manufacture-on-demand schemes to put their old movies on DVD. The latest studio to do this is Fox, which will be starting a Fox Cinema Archives collection sometime later this month. The link is to an article in the New York Post which contains a goodly number of posters and publicity stills not only of some of the Fox movies, but, in the first half of the article, about the work David O. Selznick did when he was at RKO, so the article as a whole is well worth a read.

As for the Fox Cinema Archives, the article says that the first, fairly modest, release will see three films come out on DVD. I've recommended Rings on Her Fingers and the underrated Diplomatic Courier before; the third movie is Sweet Rosie O'Grady, one of those 1940s era Fox musicals which aren't necessarily my favorite genre, but I know there are people who like them (and it's not as if they're bad films; they're just not my taste). Two more movies I've blogged about are listed as getting a MOD release later in the year: Van Heflin's The Raid, and Hudson's Bay.

Now if only I had the money to get all the movies I'd love to watch again on DVD....

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