Saturday, December 8, 2012

A programmer after my own heart

TCM is running Summertime as tonight's Essential at 8:00 PM. Now, it's not my favorite movie. I'm not a huge fan of Katharine Hepburn in general, and some of her spinster types can really come across as self-absorbed, as if you can see the reason why no man ever really wanted her. Venice as it was in the 1950s is lovely to look at though; who knows how much longer the city will retain its lovely character? Seriously, I saw a documentary about the rising water in Venice that mentioned that throughout cities' histories, people just destroyed and built on top of old stuff, which is how Venetians of the past dealt with the rising water. Preservationists of today might actually be compounding Venice's other problems by trying to keep the past from being demolished. (Industrialization in the outskirs has also lowered the water table, leading to subsidence of the land.) None of this is really relevant to a classic movie blog, though. What struck my eye is the rest of tonight's schedule. Following Summertime, we have:

Autumn Leaves at 10:00 PM;
If Winter Comes at midnight;
A Walk in the Spring Rain at 2:00 AM;
and to cap the night off:
A Man For All Seasons at 3:45 AM.

Oh boy is this sort of punny programming theme something I love!

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