Sunday, December 30, 2012


I don't know whether I've ever posted on any of those AFI's Master Class interview/documentaries that TCM has been running from time to time as an irregular series. TCM is re-running the one with Steven Spielberg and John Williams tonight at 8:00 with a repeat at midnight. The feature film in between, at 9:00 PM, is Amistad. To be honest, I don't think I've actually watched any of them, as they're a topic that hasn't terribly excited me. That's unfair to Spielberg and some of the movies he's directed that deserve to be classics, and even more unfair to Williams, who's written some truly iconic scores, including on non-Spielberg movies. (Um, Star Wars, anybody?) In fact, the proof of how little I pay attention to these things is that I didn't realize the program is actually a repeat of one from 2011.

At any rate, I'm making a mention of tonight's lineup largely because I noticed TCM scheduled the two-reeler Lincoln in the White House at 11:39 PM; this is another of those two-reel Technicolor shorts that Warner Bros. made several in the late 1930s. This one is probably only notable for having Dickie Moore as Lincoln's son Tad. But, all of the shorts in this series that I've seen to date have had good prints with nice color, and are an interesting historical artifact if you ask me.

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