Monday, December 24, 2012

Come to the Stable warning

Tonight sees TCM host Robert Osborne presenting a night of "Bob's Picks", which in this case is a night of Christmas-themed picks since tonight is Christmas Eve. One of tonight's selections is Come to the Stable, airing at 10:00 PM. I've mentioned it a couple of times, and given enough of the plot synopsis that Christmas Eve isn't the time to do a full-length post on the movie.

Surprisingly, it's not airing again on TCM any time soon after tonight. The reason why I find that a surprise is that the star of Come to the Stable, Loretta Young, is also going to be the TCM Star of the Month in January for the centenary of her birth. TCM is showing a lot of Young's movies in January -- including a lot that she did at Fox (a fact that I mention only because Come to the Stable is a Fox film too), which don't show up very often on the TCM schedule. I would have thought that Come to the Stable would show up in a Loretta Young salute, but apparently not. Come to the Stable has gotten a DVD release from the Fox Cinema Archive, which means that it doesn't show up at the TCM shop as being available on DVD, but it is.

Speaking of Fox, it does look as though TCM has had some more success getting the rights to show Fox movies ever since the suits at Fox started up FX Movies to take over half of the Fox Movie Channel schedule. FMC's schedule has become even more repetitive over the past year, but that's a subject for a different post.

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