Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Another movie now on DVD and a few other briefs

TCM is airing the short Tale of a Dog tonight a little after 9:45 PM, or just between Murder, He Says (starts at 8:00 PM) and Double Indemnity (starts at 10:00 PM). The short is listed as the last of the Our Gang shorts. I didn't realize Our Gang shorts were still being made as late as 1944, but there you are. That having been said, I'm really posting about the short because I was thinking it would be something different. At some point during World War II, there was a short about a blind man who worked in his workshop without any lights, making surpsingly good woodwork; a couple of people from one of the airplane plants discovered the guy and put him and his seeing-eye dog to work as a machinist. I thought that the short I had in mind was a Pete Smith short, but a cursory look through his credits doesn't show anything that sticks out as being the short. The Pete Smith shorts from World War II with titles that are obviously dog-related weren't the short I'm thinking of. So, my second thought was a John Nesbitt Passing Parade short, but it doesn't seem to be that either. Anybody know which short I'm thiking of?

I mentioned back on Monday that tomorrow is going to be 24 hours of Ramon Novarro movies. I mentioned Across to Singapore, back in March of 2008; that's airing tomorrow at 11:30 AM. But the real reason I'm mentioning Across to Singapore is that, in the five years since I blogged about it, Warner Home Video has seen fit to release it to DVD courtesy of the Warner Archive. Tomorrow's schedule, in fact, has quite a few silents in addition to Across to Singapore or Ben-Hur for those who are big fans of silents. Meanwhile, fans of the Traveltalks series will be pleased to know that Across to Singapore is followed at approximately 12:55 PM by the 1938 short Singapore and Jahore.

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