Friday, August 23, 2013

Your regular out-of-print update

I've commented a lot that that there are many movies for which you can find DVD copies available on Amazon, but not from the TCM shop. I think the Fox MOD movies are one such class of movie that you can't seem get from the TCM shop, but the bigger set of only-at-Amazon movies are those that did get a DVD release at some point in the past, but for which that release is no longer in print. A third category would be imports: movies that got a DVD release in Europe, but not in North America. Two of the movies coming up on TCM in the next day or so fall into this limbo.

First is Suddenly, Last Summer, at 10:00 PM tonight. It was released to DVD all the way back in 2000, so the DVD seems to be out of print. Amazon is listing an instant video purchase option as well, but living in the middle of nowhere I dso't have the bandwidth to do streaming video, so I wouldn't know about the quality of this option.

Second is Vivacious Lady, airing at 6:00 AM tomorrow to kick off a day of movies with Charles Coburn. There's a Rregion 2 DVD (Europe) available, although I think even that is out of print. I'm rather more surprised that this one isn't on DVD in North America, since it was made at RKO, which would make it a prime candidate for release by the Warner Archive. Also, with both Ginger Rogers and James Stewart in the cast, it would be perfect for one of those four-movie sets that you see TCM pushing in between movies.

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