Monday, August 12, 2013

Another not on DVD update

TCM will be putting its Summer Under the Stars spotlight on Mickey Rooney tomorrow. Rooney was Star of the Month back in December 2010, as I blogged about multiple times during the month when I wanted to recommend one or another of his movies. The first of those posts was for Death on the Diamond, which will also be the first of tomorrow's movies at 6:00 AM. It still hasn't received a DVD release, not even from the Warner Archive, which I suppose is mildly surprising considering the presence of Mickey Rooney in the cast.

TCM is also showing the first of the Andy Hardy movies, 1936's A Family Affair, at 9:15 AM tomorrow. I'm not certain if I've seen that one before. I've seen some but not all of the Andy Hardy movies, and have a tendency to get them mixed up. This is one that preceded the arrival of Ann Rutherford as Polly Benedict in You're Only Young Once in 1937. Anyhow, it doesn't seem to be on DVD either, which might be more surprising than Death on the Diamond: while Death on the Diamond was decidedly a B movie, A Family Affair was at least part of a big series for MGM, you'd think it might have ended up on one of those four-film box sets that TCM likes to hawk between movies.

Speaking of those, I noticed yesterday that TCM was hawking some of the two-movie sets, and notably saying they were avaiable at Walmart. For those who worry this means more advertising is coming to TCM, the promos used to mention that you could buy the box sets (at least the four-movie sets) at Barnes and Noble. So this isn't new so much as a change of sponsor.

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