Saturday, August 10, 2013

Terror on a Train, now on DVD

When I was looking at TCM's on-line schedule this morning, I noticed in the sidebar that there was a link to a review of a new DVD of Terror on a Train. It's a movie that I blogged about back in November 2011, and back at the time I mentioned that it was not yet available on DVD. Thanks to the Warner Archive, it's now on DVD. Actually, it's been on DVD for a good two months already, according to the TCM Shop, but I only recently saw the blurb for it. I'm not so sure about the cover art, though. The only time I can think Anne Vernon might have been running is during the climax, and it wouldn't have been an empty train track. And she wouldn't have been running from Glenn Ford. And yet one presumes those images have to be taken from something pertaining to the movie. (The train track, of course, is a drawing, not part of the photo.)

Somwhere in looking through TCM's site during all of this I noticed that there was an article about a Warner Archive release of The Silver Chalice, although that one has previously been released to DVD too.

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