Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hot News Margie again

A week and a half ago, I mentioned the short Hot News Margie, which had aired the previous weekend. It's on the schedule again today, at about 1:50 PM, just after Fly Away Baby (which begins at 12:45 PM). Hot News Margie is actually an appropriate short to air here, being about a female reporter. It seems to me that increasingly TCM is repeating shorts multiple times over a short period. I've noticed it with quite a few of the "making of" featurettes, as I mentioned recently regarding one called Filmmaking on the Riviera.

At any rate, Hot News Margie is airing between two of the Torchy Blane movies, since TCM is honoring Glenda Farrell today in Summer Under the Stars. However, they're showing all seven of Farrell's Torchy movies back to back, starting at 12:45 PM with Fly Away Baby and continuing until Smart Blonde airs at 8:00 PM. None of them are on DVD, as far as I know, so it's good that they get another aiirng. But I don't think I could watch all seven in one go.

Somewhat more surprising is that TCM says The Mystery of the Wax Museum, which is airing at 9:15 PM, is not available to purchase from the TCM shop. I could have sworn it was available on DVD, and in fact it seems to be an extra on the DVD of 1953's House of Wax; I guess that DVD must be out of print.

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