Saturday, August 3, 2013

Michael Ansara, 1922-2013

The death was announced yesterday of actor Michael Ansara, who actually died Wednesday at the age of 91. I saw on Wikipedia's "notable deaths" page that Ansara starred in Broken Arrow, but that was actually a late 1950s TV series, and not the 1950 movie. Indeed, Ansara did a lot of TV work, and that's probably more prominent than the movies he appeared in.

IMDb lists an uncredited appearance in Diplomatic Courier, which I'd love to see show up somewhere again. Five years is long enough for it to have been off the Fox Movie Channel schedule. Ansara was also an uncredited Judas in The Robe. He was also in The Ten Commandments, but I think the entire population of Los Angeles at the time was in one or another of the crowd scenes.

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