Sunday, July 13, 2014

A trip down memory lane

Today happens to be the birth anniversary of actor Sidney Blackmer (1895-1973), who played opposite Edward G. Robinson in Little Caesar as well as playing US President Theodore Roosevelt on quite a few occasions, from those late 1930s Warner Bros. Technicolor two-reelers (The Monroe Doctrine and Teddy the Rough Rider) as well as feature films like This Is My Affair.

I was thinking of doing a birthday post about Blackmer, and since I knew he had played Roosevelt on several occasions, I did a Google image search of Blackmer playing Roosevelt. That search wasn't quite successful, but it did lead me to this post about Blackmer from a blog titled, "A Trip Down Memory Lane". It's better written than I would have been able to do quickly, and contains quite a bit of information that I wouldn't have known about.

The blog isn't just about movies, but also contains some posts about singers and such. But there seems to be a fair amount of interesting posts, and it's still being updated on a regular basis, so I've decided to add the blog to my blogroll.

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