Thursday, July 24, 2014

Things I'm Going to Miss

I missed Guest Programmer William Friedkin last night. We had a severe thunderstorm come through that knocked out power for the entire evening, so needless to say I couldn't watch anything on TV. To make matters worse, it looks like there's a problem with the satellite box. I can turn the TV on, but the box doesn't seem to turn on at all. So I'm probably going to be without any of the movie channels for a day or two while I get that fixed. Thankfully the computer and Internet is still working, although I don't have the bandwidth to do streaming video, of course.

The one thing I was really looking forward to watching was the Kirk Douglas one-man show tonight. TCM is running a night of his movies, and in among them at 10:15 PM is Before I Forget, a one man show he did back in 2009 at the tender age of 92. TCM used to advertise it on one of those four-movie box sets that they sell featuring one actor, so even though the daily schedule page claims Before I Forget isn't on DVD, I think that's not the case. Lust For Life and Young Man With a Horn, which are also on that bax set, are on tonight's schedule as well, at 8:00 PM and midnight. The Bad and the Beautiful isn't, although it shows up often enough on TCM.

Thankfully there was nothing in tomorrow's lineup of World War I movies that I was particularly anxious to see.

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