Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Chris Amon remembers James Garner

If you don't know the name Chris Amon, that's OK; I hadn't heard of him either before an interview with him showed up in one of my RSS feeds yesterday. Amon was a racecar driver from New Zealand who was active back in the 1960s and 1970s. It's apparently he upon whom James Garner's character in th emovie Grand Prix is based. Amon is enjoying his retirement these days, but with James Garner's death it's unsurprising that Radio New Zealand would call him up and ask him about the time he spent working with James Garner, what with much of Grand Prix being done on location. It's an interesting interview, although I wonder if a movie production would be able to get sporting authorities to change the way they do things as much as Amon implies happened.

Amon's interview can be found here; the interview runs about four minutes and the file is around 1.5 MB. I don't think Checkpoint puts up transcripts of their reports. The website for the Radio New Zealand show Checkpoint is here.

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