Friday, July 18, 2014

Elaine Stritch, 1925-2014

You may not have heard the news yesterday, but actress Elaine Stritch has died at the age of 89. Stritch did quite a lot of work on Broadway, but she also made many forays into television and a lesser number into movies. One of the earliest was the 1957 Jennifer Jones/Rock Hudson version of A Farewell to Arms. The 1932 version is on today's schedule since the movie is based on the Ernest Hemingway novel set against the backdrop of World War I, but the 1957 version isn't on this month's schedule. One of Stritch's films that I've recommended before was Out to Sea, in which she plays the mother of the character played by Dyan Cannon.

Elaine Stritch was also a TCM Guest Prorammer back in December 2007, and the four films she selected were:
Born Yesterday, with chorus girl Judy Holliday learning about politics when husband Broderick Crawford hires William Holden to teach her;
The 1935 version of David Copperfield, in which Freddie Bartholomew learns to stay within his budget;
Butterfield 8 starring Elizabeth Taylor as a model/escort with tastes above her station; and
The 1940 version of Waterloo Bridge, about a woman who loses her fiancé in World War I and suffers greatly as a result.

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