Sunday, July 20, 2014

Essentials Jr. heads-up

TCM's Essentials Jr., every Sunday night at 8:00 PM during the summer, presents a bunch of movies that are supposed to be good for the whole family. The site that TCM has set up for it has a schedule for the whole thing which lists tonight's movie as "Silent Comedy Shorts". Not much help there, is it? A look at TCM's regular daily schedule page lists the following:

8:00 PM: Coney Island (1917)
8:00 PM: The Immigrant (1917)
8:00 PM: Never Weaken (1921)
8:00 PM: Two Tars (1928)

So, it's another one of those programming blocks where they've put a bunch of short movies into a longer space, and who knows which order they're going to air in? I say that because the downloadle monthly schedule, which really ought to be the same as the daily schedule, has The Immigrant and Coney Island switched. And to make things even more frustrating, my box guide has things in the exact reverse order from the downloadable schedule; that is, Two Tars comes first and The Immigrant last. At least everything but Two Tars is close enough to a half hour that one could reasonably expect all of them to begin on the half-hour. Anf if Two Tars really is first, then adding in Bill Hader's introduction would make it come out rather closer to the half-hour.

One other interesting thing about the daily schedule is the genre indicators. Coney Island and The Immigrant are both listed as being in the genre "Silent", while Never Weaken and Two Tars are both listed under the genre "Short". Later on, in the Silent Sunday Nights slot at midnight, there are several movies; again I have no idea what order they're going to run in. But the first three are listed under the genre "Comedy". To be honest, when you have a movie that fits multiple genres, it's always going to be debatable which one to use. But I wonder if "Short" should be reserved for the stuff that's only put on the schedule to fill the space between two features.

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