Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lee Grant night

TCM is putting the spotlight on actress Lee Grant tonight with four of her movies, of which I've already blogged about three. The schedule is:

Detective Story at 8:00 PM; this earned Grant a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination for playing a shoplifter awaiting booking at a precinct where very angry detective Kirk Douglas is working.

The Landlord follows at 10:00 PM; here Grant plays the mother of upper-class Beau Bridges, who as bought an apartment buliding in he poor Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn looking to fix it up. Mom is by no means happy about this.

That's followed at midnight by Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell. Grant plays the wife of one of three World War II veterans. All of the veterans have, unknown to the others, been supporting a child (Janet Margolin) they think they fatherd, while the child's mother (Gina Lollobrigida) has been telling her daughter all these years that the father died in the war. Imagine her surprise when all three putative fathers show up at a reunion in the town wher mother and daughter live!

Last up is Middle of the Night at 2:00 AM. In this one, Grant plays the adult daughter of Fredric March, a widower who has met a young Kim Novak and has fallen in love with her, much to the consternation of everybody around them who think this won't work.

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