Friday, July 10, 2015

110 years of Chinese cinema

So I mentioned China Radio International a week ago. It turns out that the most recent edition of the English Service program "Spotlight" -- or, at least, the most recent edition available on the website as of this posting -- has another report on Chinese cinema.

Apparently, the first Chinese motion picture made was back in 1905, so CRI decided to mark the occasion by doing a brief history of Chinese cinema. This time, there does happen to be a transcript available here. It's the first of three stories, so the audio would run about eight minutes. But CRI doesn't break up programs like this into individual stories, so if you want to hear the audio, you're going to have to download the entire "Spotlight" program. The link above does include the MP3 as well as streaming audio, but if you want the direct link, it's here, about 11 MB.

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