Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I should have mentioned the Thanhouser shorts

TCM's Silent Sunday Nights the other night looked at the Thanhouser Studio, a New York-based studio that produced films in the 1910s. The silents block started off with a documentary on the studio, and then had a couple of shorts. I probably should have mentioned it, since I'm a sucker for documentaries on film history.

That having been said, since the movies are all from the 1910s, they're all in the public domain since the most recent change in copyright law only affected works produced on or after January 1, 1923. That, of course, means that those pre-1923 silents that have survived are much more likely to be on Youtube.

Evidence of the Film:

Petticoat Camp:

Cry of the Children:

There's also a website about the studio, www.thanhouser.org.

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