Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Shorts for July 29-30, 2015

Tonight's lineup on TCM is a night of "Bob's Picks", where Robert Osborne selects the movies for the night, much as if he were a Guest Programmer, except that he does it pretty much every month with the exception of 31 Days of Oscar and Summer Under the Stars.

Perhaps more interesting are a couple of tonight's shorts. First, at about 9:45 PM, after I Know Where I'm Going!, is The House in the Middle, which looks at how to make certain one's home will be more likely to survive a nuclear attack. (Hint: Live where the nuclear attack won't be.) For some reason, I can't help but think of the nuclear test at the climax of Split Second.

Rounding out the night, at 5:15 AM, or following The Mouse That Roared, is The Relaxed Wife, about how to deal with the stress of workaday life.

There are some more conventional shorts in between.

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