Wednesday, July 15, 2015

UCLA Film and Television Archive

If you watch enough TCM, you'll probably have noticed some movies are shown in prints that mention at the beginning that it was restored by one or another archive. Probably the most common archive to show up is the UCLA Film and Television Archive. Since TCM is also interested in film preservation, it's only natural that they would have a night dedicated to the UCLA archive. That night is tonight.

TCM has a piece on the programming here. Unfortunately, there is one block on the schedule titled "UCLA Shorts and Newsreels" at 11:15 PM. TCM's online schedule doesn't say anything about what shorts will be showing up, and neither does the downloadable monthly schedule. Even more surprisingly, the TCM article on tonight's programming doesn't even mention it! So I'm sorry to say that I have no idea what shorts are going to show up in that block.

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