Friday, July 17, 2015

Coming up on FXM Retro, July 18, 2015

Unfortunately I'm pressed for time and there's not a lot good on that I'd want to blog about and haven't already done so, and the good stuff is things I've already blogged about. One of the reasons for that is that FXM shows the same stuff over and over, and then puts it in the vault and plays other stuff over and over. As an example, much of tomorrow's broadcast schedule is stuff I've already blogged about, quite a few years ago. (Although, to be fair, one of them is a "please release me" post. I can't remember how long it was off FXM/FMC before the recent cycle of airings started earlier this year.)

7:21 AM Half Angel
8:45 AM The Forbidden Street
10:15 AM Inferno
11:45 AM Where the Sidewalk Ends

On the bright side, there are some movies coming up next week that I would like to blog about and am pretty certain I haven't blogged about before.

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