Sunday, July 12, 2015

Warning about shorts blocks again

This week's Movie Camp selection is a bunch of vintage shorts. Unfortunately, as often happens when TCM schedules an entire block of shorts, the actual order of the shorts may be off.

There are two blocks of shorts, one beginning at 8:00 PM and one beginning at 10:00 PM, at least, according to the monthly schedule I downloaded at the beginning of the month. This one has something called Match Your Mood listed as the first short. Somehow I doubt it, since it's a promotional film for Westinghouse appliances. The online schedule, however, has it listed second, after the Robert Benchley short How to Sleep. As for the shorts in the first block, I'd especially mention The Big Dog House, which is one of the Dogville shorts.

The online schedule also mentions something that the monthly schedule doesn't: The Battle of Gettysburg, at 9:16 PM per the schedule. However, it only runs 30 minutes, and is the last short before the 10:00 PM shorts, so I have no idea if that starting time is accurate or what TCM would be doing with the remaining 14 minutes if it is indeed accurate.

Among the 10:00 PM shorts, the Pete Smith short Quicker'n a Wink is worth mentioning. It's a look at the work of Harold "Doc" Edgerton, who helped develop stroboscopic photography and is the man responsible for some of those great photos of bullets being captured in flight, or of a milk drop hitting a bowl of milk, and the like.

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