Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dancing Co-Ed

I did a full review of Dancing Co-Ed back in July 2008. It's airing again, overnight tonight at 3:00 AM ET. Beyond that, it's worth mentioning again for a couple of reasons.

TCM probably coincidentally programmed this to fall on what for them is the birthday of its director, S. Sylvain Simon. Simon was born March 9, 1910, and while the film is technically airing in the wee hours of March 10, TCM starts its programming day at 6:00 AM and would list this as airing on Wednesday March 9. (Indeed, it's listed on "today's" schedule.)

Next, they still haven't changed the synopsis that I mentioned in the July 2008 post. That's not surprising, since there's probably a lot in the database that would need to be changed, and there's no way any one person can go through and fix all the errors that creep in over time. My opinion, that it's fun if not particularly great, hasn't changed either.

Finally, the movie is now availabe on DVD, having been released by the Warner Archive that TCM promotes. So you no longer have to catch the infrequent TCM showings, which might be a good thing seeing as the coming airing is in the middle of the night. That having been said, if you didn't catch it when I recommended it back in 2008, it's well worth recording.

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