Sunday, March 13, 2011

Those wacky content ratings again

I watched the Bowery Boys movie Hot Shots that aired yesterday on TCM. The Bowery Boys films have been airing Saturday mornings for quite some time, not including February's 31 Days of Oscar and last August's Summer Under the Stars, of course, but I havean't been watching them, to be honest. Movies like Hot Shots may be passable entertainment for 62 mintues, especially for a child, but in reality, they aren't very good.

Having said that, there were a couple of things about the movie that surprised me. One was the Warner Bros. TV logo at the end; apparently Warner Bros. got the rights to eithe the Bowery Boys movies or the Allied Artists library along the way. More interestingly, though, is that TCM ran a content rating screen before the movie claiming that Hot Shots has a TV-14 rating. Now, there was a buxom secretary in a tight outfit with one of those pointy 1950s bras, but that's the full extent of adult content. The rest of the movie is thoroughly juvenile, and I can't believe that the movie would originally have been released designed for an older audience.

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