Thursday, March 24, 2011

More on Elizabeth Taylor

I mentioned today that Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf is airing overnight tonight as one of the TCM Employees' Picks. It's also airing again on April 10. TCM has announced their Elizabeth Taylor tribute, which will be 11 movies spanning the entire day on Sunday, April 10. I'm a bit surprised at how quickly they were able to announce this, but not too surprised that they were able to clear an entire day for her.

I also mentioned yesterday that I'm not too big a fan of Taylor's acting. If you think my thoughts were bad, you should read this scathing article from reason magazine's Nick Gillespie. (Warning: the reason commentators are a rather saucy bunch, to put it mildly.) Gillespie argues that Taylor more or less became a parody of herself, but took herself seriously, as opposed to William Shatner, who seems to be in on the joke. Harsh, but worth a read.

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