Thursday, March 10, 2011

More fun with site stats

I finally got around to taking another look at the site statistics that Blogger provides again yesterday. As always, a lot of the referrals are from Google, and one popular referral was when I link to the post I did on The Fountainhead in the comments of another blog that mentioned the trailer to a possible version of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. But the most popular referral from the last week was some spam site offering oblique muscle exercises to get rid of love handles. I surfed over to that particular URL and couldn't find any link to my blog. I wish I knew how these spam linking things make any money for anybody.

In Saudi Arabia, this *is* eroticAs for the Google referrals, a lot of them are from, but various of Google's country-specific sites tend to show up as well. This time, however, I was surprised to see three hits from, which is the domain-specific site for Saudi Arabia. Perhaps somebody was searching for the recent post I did on Two Arabian Knights, but that was two weeks ago. Or perhaps it was a search for the ever-popular Gus Visser. At any rate, it couldn't be as odd as the one search keyword that showed up a month or so ago, not long after the Joan Leslie birthday post I wrote. Somebody searched for "erotic photos of Joan Leslie". Seriously.

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