Friday, April 1, 2011

Another Elizabeth Taylor update

Who would have expected the late Elizabeth Taylor to star in a movie that would show up on TCM Underground? Joan Crawford, I can understand -- she did some schlock at the end of her career. But not Taylor. Stil, shee appears in Secret Ceremony, overnight at 2:00 AM. I haven't seen the movie before, but it sounds like an interesting premise: Taylor plays a prostitute whose daughter died. Then she meets Mia Farrow, who looks amazingly like her dead daughter. Not only that, but Taylor looks like Farrow's dead mother. So the two start up a relationship that goes sour when Farrow's stepfather (Robert Mitchum) returns.

Speaking of stepfathers, I wouldn't mind seeing TCM show Our Mother's House again; it's about a family of children in which the mother dies, but the kids try to keep knowledge of this secret because the state will split them up. But then, the father to some and stepfather to others (Dirk Bogarde) returns, but he may only be in it for the house and money. It doesn't seem to have been released to DVD, either.

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