Sunday, April 24, 2011

IMDb's "synergy" with Amazon

A lot of times, when I look to see whether a movie is available on DVD, I just use the little yellow buttons in the top corner of a movie's IMDb page. An exception would be a movie that's more likely to get a release from the Warner Archive and not be available from Amazon. However, I was surprised to see this morning that Godspell was not in print on DVD.

Why, then, did I say in my post this morning that Godspell is available? Probably because it is. The link on IMDb's page is this long ling full of numbers, which eventually resolves to this more readable link. If you look carefully at the link, you'll see that it's searching for the movie's full title, and points out that we've been redirected from IMDb. However, the DVD that's available is one that's been printed under the film's more common title, which is just plain Godspell. So, when you do an Amazon search of movies with the word Godspell, the first link up is to the DVD of Godspell. That, of course, shouldn't be a surprise. What's slightly more surprising, though, is the other DVDs that show up in this particular search: Jesus Christ Superstar is at least somewhat understandable, but Hair? Rent??

Oh well, at least Godspell can be bought on DVD.

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