Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why not post Raquel Welch photos

Sorry, this one ain't airing

I've briefly mentioned One Million Years BC before, the Raquel Welch movie about prehistoric times that is a remake of a 1940 mvoie starring the equally nice to look at Carole Landis. TCM has the Raquel Welch version listed on their schedule for 6:00 AM ET tomorrow, which is mildly surprising as I can't remember it having aired before. I'm not quite certain exactly what the programming theme is; TCM has put it next to Them!, at 8:00 AM. Both have special effects, but while One Million Years BC has Ray Harryhausen credited for the effects, Them! doesn't seem to have anybody listed for the effects.

Still, both movies are well worth watching for the entertainment value, if not for any other high level of cinematic achievement. Now if only TCM could get the rights to show Fantastic Voyage....

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