Saturday, April 16, 2011

TCM on fire tonight

TCM's Essential movie this evening at 8:00 PM is the Barbara Stanwyck comedy Ball of Fire, which I've already recommended back in February 2010. (It is, of course, always worth watching again.) This time, TCM is using the showing of Ball of Fire as an excuse for a night of movies that have the word "fire" in the title. Ball of Fire, for example, is followed at 10:00 PM by Crossfire, which I recommended back in March of 2009.

Be careful with the titles; though. TCM is concluding the night at 5:00 AM with a completely different movie called Cross Fire, released in 1933 by RKO. This movie, which to be honest I'd never heard of, is a one-hour B western set against the backdrop of World War I. It certainly sounds like an interesting premise!

Too bad we don't get any real fire, like The Towering Inferno.

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