Friday, April 15, 2011

An end, a beginning, and a reboot

Tomorrow at 10:30 AM ET on TCM sees the last of the Bowery Boys movies, In the Money. Now, I've stated before that the Boys' movies were kind of dumb, but at least inoffensive and the sort of stuff that ought to appeal to kids who don't mind dated black-and-white stuff. If you want to see more of the Boys, you can see them in their earlier days, when they were known as the "Dead End Kids", in They Made Me a Criminal, which will be coming up at 11:15 AM Monday as part of a birthday salute to John Garfield.

What will be replacing the Bowery Boys movies is Buster Crabbe in a twelve-part serial of Buck Rogers from 1939. I think TCM is showing two episodes a week, as some of the listings show an episode beginning at 11:00 AM ET on April 23, followed by an epsiode at 11:30 AM. IMDb lists the whole thing as just shy of four hours over 12 episodes, so I'd suppose there are some sets of three episodes that can't fit into a one-hour slot.

Unfortunately, TCM's own online schedule isn't listing the Buck Rogers episodes, instead, leaving that time blank. However, TCM is finally beginning to get their web-site back to the way things used to be, as the monthly schedule once again has the brief synopses for films. Yay for small victories.

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