Friday, March 2, 2012

The end of 31 Days of Oscar

I know that some people will be thrilled to see that today is the final day of TCM's annual 31 Days of Oscar. There are people out there who complain about TCM's playing the "same old" movies during February, and not the obscure stuff they want. For the record, TCM winds up going out into outer space tonight, with the final movie of them all being Forbidden Planet at 4:15 AM. As you can probably guess, its nomination was not for Leslie Nielsen as Best Actor, but for its special effects.

Saturday morning brings another airing of the Raquel Welch version of One Million Years BC at 7:30 AM, a movie that I first mentioned back in February of 2009. That's followed at 9:15 AM by Have Rocket, Will Travel, which is a feature starring... the Three Stooges. It's not one that I've seen before, so I can't really comment on it.

As for 31 Days of Oscar, which movie was your highlight? I'd already seen Harry and Tonto and The Firemen's Ball before, but it was nice to see those films get their TCM premieres. It was also nice to get my own first viewing of Robinson Crusoe and The Entertainer.

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