Sunday, March 25, 2012

Worthy repeats, and a blogroll

Since TCM has its Silent Sunday Nights feature beginning at about midnight on Sunday nights (ie the midnight between Sunday and Monday), it means they usually don't have much time to do a real salute on Sunday nights, but only a two-film salute. This week, that salute is to director Jules Dassin, with the first film being what I think is the TCM premiere of Night and the City, at 8:00 PM. That's followed at 10:00 PM by Brue Force

Now, I've recommended Brute Force more often, largely because it's shown more on TCM, so I had already had an opportunity to find a good picture to illustrate it. Specifically, that's Hume Cronyn in his undershirt wielding a rubber truncheon with which he's going to flog a prisoner. My only post on Night and the City didn't have any illustration, so I figured I'd go looking for one. The poster above was found over at the group blog James River Film Journal's post on Night and the City, and I hope they don't mind that I've appropriated it. (Mostly, I only copy the images over to a Photobucket account so as not to use other people's bandwidth.) I presume the folks over at James River are all professoinal writers, which is why their blog is so much slicker than my low-traffic thing. But the posts that I looked at all look interesting, so I've also added them to my blogroll.

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