Friday, March 23, 2012

Fort Clark Springs

I was looking at the blog stats, and noticed that one of the searches that showed up in the stats was "movies made at fort clark springs". Well, I knew nothing about Fort Clark Springs, but it's easy enough to look these things up on Google. Even if Google isn't your friend, it has the answers to almost anything you could be looking for, and the top link was to Fort Clark Springs, just outside the southwest Texas town of Brackettville. The Brackettvill guide mentions Alamo Village, which is where John Wayne and company set up a replica of San Antonio's Alamo for the 1960 film The Alamo.

All that having been said, it's not too awful difficult to find out what movies were filmed in a certain location. I've mentioned IMDb's advanced title search in the past. Helpfully enough, one of the search fields is "Filming Locations". It turns up nothing on "Fort Clark Springs", but gives two results for Fort Clark: Charlton Heston in Arrowhead, and James Stewart's Two Rode Together; for both of those the Fort Clark is the place in Brackettville. Quite a few other movies are listed as having been filmed in Brackettville or at Alamo Village, almost all of them westerns, with the exception of Uphill All the Way, a comedy about bank robbers in Texas circa World War I which I admit I've never heard of.

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