Thursday, September 27, 2012

A sincere apology

So I turned TCM on at lunchtime, expecting to be about 20 minutes in to The Secret Fury. Imagine my surprise when I saw a scene with an actress who didn't appear to be Claudette Colbert or anybody in The Secret Fury, and an actor who didn't look like Robert Ryan. In fact, TCM was showing Postmark for Danger.

I have no idea when the schedule got changed. I wrote the post on The Secret Fury on Tuesday afternoon, because for some reason I had thought it was airing Wednesday morning instead of Thursday. It was only when I looked through the online schedule that I noticed I had the days wrong. So I had definitely seen The Secret Fury set to air as of Tuesday afternoon. I looked at the IMDb pages for the two movies, which are a bit slow in removing the airtime data after a movie appears on TCM, and found that the page for The Secret Fury still listed an airing this morning, while the page for Postmark for Danger didn't have an airing listed.

If you were looking to watch The Secret Fury, I'm sorry. If you tried to record it, why not watch Postmark for Danger anyway? It's not the greatest movie by a longshot, but it's entertaining enough. Sadly, neither movie is on DVD.

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