Saturday, September 22, 2012

Another mystery solved, and a short

It turns out that Easy to Love, which I mentioned today, is not a film that I had seen before. At least, I'm pretty certain I've never seen it. That having been said, I'm still not certain which other movie with a similar plot I was thinking about in that post. I'm sure it will show up on TCM eventually, whatever it is. I know it's on TVM that I saw it the first time.

TCM is showing Andy Hardy's Dilemma tomorrow morning at about 7:40 AM, just after Andy Hardy's Double Life. Andy Hardy (Mickey Rooney, of course) got more than enough life lessons from his judge father (still played by Lewis Stone), so why MGM felt they needed to give us another Andy Hardy lesson in two-reel form is beyond me. Andy wants to borrow some money from Dad to buy a new (to him) used car, but Dad decides to show Andy that there are people out there much needier than he is. The tone, however, is much less light-hearted than in the feature films, which makes this film come across as a bit off. However, it's also an intereting vintage look at charity as it was back in 1940 or so.

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