Thursday, September 27, 2012

Herbert Lom, 1917-2012

The death has been announced of actor Herbert Lom, who is probably best known for playing Lt. Dreyfus, the superior to Peter Sellers' Inspector Clouseau in several of the Pink Panther movies. Lom, who was born in Czechoslovakia, was 95. You might have seen Lom on TCM just yesterday, as he was in The Dark Tower, one of the six Teddington movies that Warner Bros. made in the UK and which only showed up in the US back in 2007. Lom's other famous movies include The Ladykillers, as well as Night and the City.

The obituary in the New York Times has a quote from Lom that I particularly like. "One thing I hate is when directors come to me before shooting a take and say, 'Herbert, give me your best!' And I think: 'But it's my job to give my best. I can't give anything else.'"

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