Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Song of a Nation again

Back in August 2011, I mentioned a short called The Song of a Nation, about the events that led Francis Scott Key to write the poem "The Star-Spangled Banner". (The music is from an old English drinking song.) It looks to be on the schedule again tonight, overnight at about 3:25 AM.

I say "looks like" because TCM's schedule lists The Song of a Nation as being made in 1947. In fact, the Technicolor short under discussion was released in 1936, and IMDb doesn't come up with any other matches for The Song of a Nation. The reason for the discrepancy is most likely due to the fact that, according to IMDb, The Song of a Nation got a re-release in 1947.

I said last year that The Song of a Nation wasn't available on DVD and doesn't even show up in a Youtube search. One year on, and that still holds. A search in the TCM Media Room doesn't yield any hits either, so you're going to have to catch this on TCM.

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