Monday, September 17, 2012

Before Greta Garbo

TCM is marking Greta Garbo's birthday tomorrow with several of her movies, as well as a pair of documentaries. The first of the documentaries, The Divine Greta Garbo, kicks off the day at 6:30 PM, while the second, Garbo, wraps things up at 6:15 PM. I don't think I've seen either documentary, so I have no idea how much of the material in the first one will be covered again in the latter documentary.

TCM is also showing a number of shorts to fill out the time, including the 1925 Studio Tour, which I see I've already mentioned twice before. That alone is worth the price of having to put up with a day of Garbo's movies (she not being my favorite by a long shot); it shows up just after 12:30 PM. Note, however, that you will not see Garbo here. In fact, Garbo had not yet made it to MGM in 1925; her first American film wouldn't be released until the beginning of the next year. (I suppose at the time MGM was filming the studio tour, Garbo could already have arrived in America; I couldn't find precise information on when the studio tour was recorded. At any rate, Garbo isn't listed in the IMDb credits.)

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