Sunday, September 2, 2012

Telluride Tribute

Tomorrow being Labor Day, it's TCM's annual salute to the Telluride Film Festival. (For some reason, I keep thinking they're honoring the Sundance Film Festival. They've got their own channel, though.)

One interesting bit of programming is the short documentary Chuck Jones: Memories of Childhood, which is airing at 10:15 AM. This originally premiered on TCM back in 2009, and consists largely of material from interviews with the famous animator recorded near the end of his life (Jones died in 2002). TCM is presumably showing this to honor Jones because they can't get the rest of his animationjust now -- sister channel Boomerang and the Cartoon Network have the rights to the animated stuff from Warner Bros., which is where Jones spent a major portion of his career; and MGM, where Jones directed the Tom and Jerry shorts in the 1960s. If you catch any of the 1960s Tom and Jerry shorts on Boomerang you'll see that they have an obviously very different look from the 1940s stuff.

The only Jones animation that TCM seems to have been able to get the rights to is The Dot and the Line, which is airing at 10:45 AM.

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